"It took me four years of searching to find my perfect Cape Cod home"

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I'm a picky perfectionist, no way around it.  It took me four years of searching to find my perfect Cape Cod home and I couldn't have done it without Bob and his endless patience, persistence and expert counsel.  I had many false starts in my search, including several properties that came very close to contract.  Yet each time I got close to making a commitment, I would back away due to one concern or another.  Bob was with me every step of the way - never losing faith in the fact that we'd "one day" find the place that was just right.  He worked with me to look at many different towns on the Cape, each time offering lots of information and background so that I could be well informed of the area.  He sent me a regular stream of updates on open properties, often calling particular ones out that seemed to match my criteria.  One, in particular, he came back to several times - urging me to give it a look even though I didn't think much of the photos online.  It turns out Bob knew me better than myself because the one home he was certain for me was, indeed, the one!  When it was right, it was right...I walked in and it was "game over, I'm done looking".  I can't imagine another agent sticking with me through the process for that length of time, but Bob never faltered.  I had him over to the house recently and we both laughed at how things worked out.  As we sat on the deck basking in the sun and ocean-front breeze, I thanked him again for being an awesome agent and, now, a good friend.

Pam W.

- Pam W

"A unique custom designed farm house & barn built by architect owner in a superb northside location"

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Bob Churchill made the process of buying our first property on Cape Cod a pleasure.  After many years of looking, we chose Bob for his knowledge of the local market and his network of everyone from attorneys and surveyors to builders and brokers which gave us confidence we were getting a good deal and contributed to a smooth closing. Working with a buyer broker, we really felt he put our interests first.

- Carol and Robert G.

"A great asset to have Buyer Brokers as our agent"

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We wanted everyone to know what a great asset it was to have Buyer Brokers as our agent. We had met Bob many years prior to our retirement but we always kept in touch and he answered any and all questions we had. .His MLS site was easy to use and provided  a map it function which helped us to learn the Cape territory. We have lived in the same house north of Boston  for 42 years so this was a new experience , like being young again. Bob listened to our dreams and helped us not only sort  them out but also what we looking for in a community. We found a home in  our priced range with the privacy , land, barn,  and a short ride to the ocean . Without his expertise, patience, and guided tours of the communities and homes that we found of interest down  the Cape we would  still be on the road and looking. We are excited about the second half of our life and the many wonderful days with friends and family in our little farm house.  Thank you Bob!  

- Bob and Jacie F.

"We cannot recommend him highly enough"

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After vacationing on the Cape for years we'd developed a list of preferences were we ever to shop for a place of our own. We decided it was time and contacted Bob Churchill, pretty much out of the blue. Talk about responsive: we contacted Bob on Christmas Eve (of all days!) and he scheduled an appointment with us immediately after Christmas. It was clear from the outset we'd made the right choice. We found Bob to be highly experienced, with extensive knowledge of the area. We also found him to be patient, straightforward, honest, and unafraid to gently interject “reality checks” where needed. Most of all, Bob had no agenda but ours. He guided us, but never steered us: the mark of a true professional. Once we'd settled on a house, we braced ourselves for the onslaught of the many interrelated details that come with buying real estate. Bob continuously attended to the process. We never had to call him to learn what was happening – he kept in touch with us constantly. The entire transaction went smoothly, and with Bob we slept peacefully. He stayed involved even after the closing, chasing down any remaining issues, and even keeping an eye on the house when we're away. We've worked with many realtors, and Bob is simply exceptional. A gentleman and a pleasure to work with. We cannot recommend him highly enough.

- Amy and Dean A.

"You always represented our interests"

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We want to express to you how grateful we were for the buyer broker services you provided to us over the last several years.  As you know, we had very specific requirements for the house we wanted - close to the water, but not on the water, a view, a house that was in decent enough shape to be able to rent easily, not too fancy, "rustic," but not too rustic. And the list goes on.....In any case, after sticking with us for several years, YOU found us our house, which we could not be happier with.  It meets 80% of our requirements, and we will be able to build the other 20% in the years to come.
You steered us through the process, provided great research and information on any questions we had, did boat loads of legwork for us since we are not local, and never tried to convince us about decisions that might impact the negotiation.  You gave us your opinion, tried to provide facts when you could, but was very careful to let every decision along the pathway to closing this deal be our decision.  You were also a great advocate for us with the seller's broker.  I felt you always represented our interests even if it might cause the deal to fall apart.
It was a great pleasure working with you and getting to know you. Over the years, since we have gotten to know you,  I have recommended your services to a number of people who are looking to purchase property on the Cape. Going through the last several months with your assistance, just confirmed that you are the right person to coach us through this kind of transaction.  You are great to work with, and we hope to see you sometime in June when we are in Eastham.  Thanks again for all that you did. Joy

- Joy R and Jay C

"Understood and focused on our preferences"

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For the past year we have had the pleasure of working with Bob Churchill to help us find a vacation property on Cape Cod. Bob has lived on the Cape since childhood and his expertise on all aspects of Cape Cod life, history and real estate were extremely beneficial in our search. We were particular about what we were looking for and Bob was very patient with us. He understood and focused on our preferences. His client services, especially the customized client portal, were great at keeping us updated on a daily basis as to what properties were on the market. It took almost a year of working together, but in the end we found and purchased the most amazing property!  We highly recommend Bob. He is a great guy and we will miss working with him.

- John and Lynn P.

"A Great Agent and Even Better Person"

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We would offer the highest praise for Bob Churchill. Bob was able to act as our eyes on the ground and immediately understood the key characteristics of our ideal vacation home. In doing so, he was able to recommend appropriate neighborhoods and specific properties, allowing us to find the perfect home at a great price. Furthermore, we were impressed by Bob’s network of contacts, negotiating strategy, and diligence process. He helped keep us organized and ensured that we had a smooth home buying experience. On top of it all, Bob is very personable yet displayed the utmost professionalism at all times. He was always responsive, and we thoroughly enjoyed our many interactions. If you’re looking for a Cape Cod buyer’s agent who’s going to work for you, Bob is the guy. We would highly recommend him and welcome the opportunity to discuss his qualifications further. Happy Homeowners Since January 2013

- Dave & Randi M.

"Wonderful Harwichport Beachfront Association"

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.....I am in my new home in Harwichport and loving every minute of it.  I have Bob Churchill of Buyer Brokers of Cape Cod to thank for that.  Bob spent hours with me and on the sidelines gathering and sharing information to make sure I was an informed buyer.  He listened to my needs and researched the towns and house styles  that I spoke of, but went beyond so that I would have choices and comparisons.  Bob wanted to make sure I understood "Value" when I saw it and I have to say it truly happened.  Bob was not at all in a rush or pushy or uninterested, quite the opposite.  He was patient and focused on finding me the house and the experience that would best fit my personality and lifestyle going forward.  Using a buyer's broker was one of the best decisions I made in this whole process as it allowed me peace of mind knowing that my broker was working only to find me my dream home.  Everywhere we went other brokers spoke directly to me of Bob's positive history in the business, his integrity and his easy to be around demeanor which just continued to solidify my level of comfort.  The real estate market can be hard to navigate in these uncertain times, but with Bob Churchill in my corner I was able to find a happy ending.

- Janet T.

"Handled paperwork and communications without a flaw"

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We recently purchased a lovely home in Yarmouthport with the help of Bob Churchill of Buyer Brokers of Cape Cod. We decided in mid August to leave the Los Angeles area and relocate to the Cape. Thanks to Bob’s constant shepherding of the process, we had sold our home there and were in our new home during the first week of November—something we would not have accomplished without his continuous attention to our needs and the details of the purchase. We began our search for a home on the Cape with a suggestion by a highly respected realtor and acquaintance on the outer Cape that we would be well-served by Bob Churchill. We learned quickly that working with a person who has the respect of other realtors, town officials, and trades people goes a long way toward finding and acquiring the home one wants. Bob accommodated our house search from across the country; he made space in his schedule for our two quick week-end house-hunting trips, and then he remained in touch on a daily basis by phone and email. He handled paperwork and communications between us and lenders, attorneys, inspectors, and others without a flaw. When we came upon problems with the house we chose, Bob insured that the town officials, engineers, and others required to resolve the problem did so quickly. He even provided good moral support through the twists and turns of the sale of our house in California, and when that sale suddenly went through sooner than we had anticipated, he was able to facilitate the various processes of our purchase in Yarmouthport to accommodate our time frame. Bob’s work didn’t end with the completion of the purchase; he has continued to provide us with support, information, and guidance as we settle into our new home and community.

- Crystal G. and Duane S.

"Exceptionally reliable in his communications"

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Bob Churchill has been an invaluable resource throughout the entire process that culminated in my being able to find and buy this wonderful house in Eastham.   

He was extremely understanding of my needs and wishes, never in any way pressing me to consider any property that wasn't "right" for me.   Even when it was obvious that I had fallen in love with this particular house, he made sure that we did "reality checks", so as not to overlook any potential pitfalls.   He was extremely proactive in bringing to my attention such matters as the septic system; environmental restrictions (since this property directly adjoins a protected wildlife area); water quality issues, etc -- and in many cases he took it upon himself to contact the relevant local government agencies to get needed information for me, before I made a decision.   Since my only prior real-estate experience was with a Manhattan co-op apartment, many of these matters were completely foreign to me -- so Bob's advice and guidance were crucial.

Bob is also exceptionally reliable in his communications -- Both e-mails and phone calls were always promptly returned (and/or initiated by him, depending on the circumstances).   And I greatly appreciated his attention to detail in all the written materials -- offering documents, contracts, etc. that were generated during this process.  His skill as a negotiator was invaluable -- again, this was something I could not have undertaken on my own.

On a personal level, he is warm, caring, and thoroughly professional in every way.   (And -- another plus :  Having lived here nearly all his life -- he has a phenomenal knowledge of all the back-roads on the Cape !! )

A 5-star rating, in any and all categories !

- Barbara B

"We highly recommend his services"

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After vacationing in Chatham, We made the decision to purchase a vacation/rental investment property there and hired Bob Churchill to represent us.  Bob’s services exceeded our expectations. He made it effortless to buy from a distance, keeping us constantly informed, providing information necessary for us to make informed decisions and  attending to every detail of the transaction. We highly recommend his services.

- Neil and Orla H.

"Extensive knowledge of the Cape Cod real estate market"

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We were very pleased with our experience with Bob Churchill, who assisted us in purchasing a waterfront property after an extensive search.  As a buyer's agent he was always focused on our needs and best interests, and he demonstrated extensive knowledge of the real estate market throughout the Cape.  We found him to be professional, patient, encouraging and helpful, and would highly recommend him.

- Dana & Barbara B.

"Passionate about protecting the interests of his clients"

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Bob represented us and helped us find our current home on Cape Cod. He is a true leader in his field and his company embodies what a true Buyer Agency stands for: utterly rejecting the conflicts of interest that are unfortunately the norm in today’s real estate market.

In addition to holding himself to the highest professional ethics and standards of practice in real estate buyer agency, Bob is genuinely passionate about protecting the interests of his clients. He is always looking for ways to better serve his clients. Beyond having an encyclopedic knowledge of the individual homes on Cape Cod, Bob has another quality that I think is important for any buyer who's spending many weekends driving around with an agent: he makes the process fun!

If you are looking for a home on Cape Cod, Bob is definitely the one and only person I would call.

- Roy W. and Dabney D.

"Fabulous Harwichport Waterfront with direct Nantucket Sound access"

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My wife and I completed the purchase of our new Cape home in Harwichport just this past May.   We found the perfect match and the fulfillment of a dream we've shared for many years.   Throughout a long and involved search, Bob Churchill was our guide, our partner and a good friend.    Bob's patience and professionalism, as well as his deep knowledge of the Cape real estate market and its cycles, proved to be critical in so many ways.   Bob was always available, always helpful and again I stress, patient.  

We couldn't be happier with the results of our searching, and we are very grateful to Bob for his tireless efforts on our behalf.   

Thank you Bob!

Doug and Susanna W.


- Doug and Susanna W

"A true professional and a perfect gentleman"

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When we saw an antique home listed in our favorite spot on the Cape, we decided to contact Bob Churchill rather than the listing realtor. Great decision! Although we originally took this step for “strategic” reasons – after buying and selling a number of homes, we knew we wanted an agent who would represent our interests alone, with no fiduciary responsibility to the sellers – we were then delighted to discover what a true professional we had found. And a perfect gentleman too! Bob’s knowledge and experience were apparent at every step of the process, as was the respect in which he was held by the sellers’ realtors, Yarmouth officials and our attorney. His services went way beyond merely representing our interests – helping us, for example, to review the plan for the new septic system the owners were required to install, and to understand what restrictions we might face because of the house’s proximity to wetland. Even after the closing he has continued to help us, keeping an eye on the house when we were away, and providing recommendations for reliable contractors. All in all, we cannot recommend him highly enough!

- Heather C and Vincent M

"Your appreciation of Bob's expertise will be exceeded only by the love of your new home"

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Retaining a buyer's broker sounded intriguing as we started our search for a new home: However, the magnitude of it’s true benefits did not become apparent until after we started working with Bob Churchill at Buyer Brokers of Cape Cod. We found Bob's deep knowledge of the area, its residents and its history to be critical in defining our "search area". This knowledge, combined with his retention as our representative instead of the sellers' representative allowed him to obtain and report to us indispensable background information about specific properties, information that a typical sellers' broker would have been unable or unwilling to disclose to us.  Bob is an intelligent, personable and resourceful aid to help buyers evaluate alternative properties. Bob allowed us to decide and never "pushed" us in a specific direction even when we found ourselves racked by indecision.  As with us, your appreciation of Bob's expertise will be exceeded only by the love of your new home.


- Bill W & Noreen B

"South Yarmouth summer home with Deeded Beach"

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"Hi Bob,

We just wanted to thank you once again for the excellent job you did guiding us through the process in purchasing our Cape Cod summer home.

As you are aware, Michelle and I have real estate licenses in Florida.  However, I can honestly say that I have never met a more professional Broker than you.  Your diligence, attention to detail and your always open and continuing communication, whether by phone or email, is phenomenal.  If we had questions, and you didn’t have the answers, you always made sure the answers were found.  You are a Broker that cares about your client, not just the commission check.

Often, in Real Estate transactions, one encounters turbulence, unknowns and some unforeseen obstacles.  Buying property in a state other than one’s home state can be even more trying.   Bob, you made it work. Your friendliness, knowledge and caring attitude not only made it work, it made working with you, a pleasure.  Thank you once again for an “OUTSTANDING” job well done. 

Every Kind Wish,

Rick and Michelle"


- Rick and Michelle

"Your good advice on pricing and negotiating strategy allowed us to buy at a price lower than we anticipated"

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Paul and Kathi S purchased a beautifully updated Yarmouthport Condominium  with Golf Course frontage

Dear Bob,
Now that we are moved in and things have settled down a bit we wanted to send you this note to thank you for all you did for us.  As you know better than anyone our buying experience lasted over a year.  Yet throughout that period you never lost patience and worked diligently to help us find what we were looking for in a retirement home.
When we did find the place we wanted it was your good advice on pricing and a negotiating strategy that allowed us to buy it at a price lower than we anticipated.  Thank you for that as well as for having a team of home inspectors and lawyers you worked with that helped complete  the purchase with a minimum of time and effort.  
Most importantly you were a real gentleman throughout and a pleasure to work with.  We are not eager to repeat the buying experience any time soon but if we do you can be sure it will be with you.
Thanks again.
Best wishes,
Paul & Kathi

- Paul and Kathi S

"A wonderful West Dennis Home"

Bob Churchill is your best friend on the Cape when you are buying real estate. Period. His knowledge, patience, and professionalism all add up to a level of integrity that his clients appreciate and his fellow agents admire. Bob understands your particular situation and follows his clients’ wishes to achieve their dreams of owning property on Cape Cod – no matter how long that process takes.
As good as Bob is at his craft and as well respected as he is in the industry, he is even a better person. He is sincere in understanding his clients’ needs and their personal situation. His genuine patience is unmatched – I believe we have to be his longest dawdling client having worked with but not buying anything with him for over 15 years! 
He truly has his clients’ best interests at heart and he follows that path with a passion. If you are looking for real estate on the Cape – anywhere on the Cape – Bob is by far and away your best resource. Bob will patiently work with those who haven’t found what they are looking for or the timing isn’t right and will loyally fight for those who find a home they love.

- Jack C

"Couldn't be happier in Truro home"

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We couldn't be happier in our new summer home in Truro. Our search however did not start in Truro during which time Bob spent considerable time with us understanding our background, friends, where we had vacationed on the cape and how we enjoyed those experiences. As I reflect back, Bob helped steer us away from many houses and towns that appeared attractive but which would not have provided us the full cape cod experience. The fact that our search ended in Truro is a true reflection of how well Bob understood our needs. M & R

"Worked hard and always kept our best interests at heart"

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 Dear Bob:

Thank you for your tireless efforts in assisting us to unearth and ultimately acquire our “gem” of a property on Moll’s Pond in Eastham. From the first impressions of wonderment, through all the necessary due diligence and closing, you provided the insight and advocacy we had hoped we would receive from an experienced buyer’s broker.

You were refreshingly responsive to our almost endless questions and issues and always addressed our concerns, large and small, in a warm and professional manner. We own several non-vacation properties outside of Massachusetts, however our only previous exposure to Cape Cod was as weekly renters. The depth of your local experience and frequent spade work was invaluable in making us comfortable as we moved through the process of making our dreams become a reality.

Bob, you worked hard, were straightforward and always kept our best interests at heart. My cousins on Lt. Island in Wellfleet, who you represented several years ago, enthusiastically recommended we work with you when we first decided to look at vacation homes on the Cape. We are certainly glad they did and will wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone who asks.

- Larry and Cheryl S.

MLS, Realtor, ABR, REBAA, NAEBA, Equal Housing Opportunity

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